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Wow, it just doesn't get better than this! I mean, really! Hi! I'm Candice. Of course you knew that right? I mean, how many of me could there be? Just me! And I'm the best reviewer out there! What do you mean it's not my reviews you come to see? OH! Well, then on with the show! And have I got a show for you! Today I get to introduce you to one fine artist. 3dxxxcore! Now this place is something special. A 3D graphic artist that will blow your mind! I know it blew mine! What? You haven't peeked yet? Well don't be shy! Come on, I'll lead you around and everything you see will just bend the reality of what you thought Erotica meant. I promise!

From the file of General Unsorted you'll be dragged into a darker world of sensuality to eye engaging sweeps of color to imagination. This Artist just sweeps you away into their own stunning view. It's a little scary how easily the body is twitching when you roam over the collection in here! Scintillating doesn't cover it! Don't forget once you've delved and felt your body floating within that file that you still have the treasure of Photos in Series!! You can't miss this. I was just absolutely left wanton for more! And so will you. Trust me! Would a pink ponytailed stacked wonder lie? Never! Come with me on this tantalizing sensuality show and not only will you get more than what you were expecting, it'll grip you and shake you up. I bet you could never imagine this, but now you get to be there!

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