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"Hi, it's great to see you here. This is a spooky site with lots of monsters out to get cute girls like me. Will you protect me? We'll take a quick peek. so hold on tight. Oh my. I suppose you can hold on there. your hands do feel nice. Scary things happen in this website. There are monsters around and guys who like to take the head off of pretty young women. There's a lot to look at so let's start in the series category.

Here you'll find pictures made in a series to tell a story. It's really kind of creepy to see this guy cutting the head off of beautiful women. He'd trick them into thinking he was going to do a trick then. whack. and there went her head. Shivers. This is so scary. Hold me closer. Ack. Maybe not that close. I need to be able to breathe. There are picture series that include aliens, and monsters. The sexy babes in this site are served up for your amusement.

The other large category is filled with comixxx that are hot to look at it. In Stripper Niece, Wendi is hired by a man in shadows to dance nearly naked for his entertainment. She has a great body and the guy enjoys watching her move on the bar like a girl at a stripper joint. After she dances for a while, the guy offers her more money if she'll put a hood on and dance in it. Unknown to Wendi, there's a drug in the hood that makes her go limp. This lets the man grope her sweet body for a little while. He's tempted to cut her head off but her uncle didn't really want to kill her. When she wakes up she doesn't know it was her uncle her paid her to dance for him. It's a wild story with a hot woman and a creepy guy.

In other stories in this large site, you'll find the erotic comics are filled with stories of beautiful women and the naughty things this artist wants to do to her. I think it's time for me to go. I don't want to get my head cut off. Thanks for holding me. Uh. You can let go now. blushes. I hope to see you again soon. Bye for now."

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