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Sumptuous salutations! Hello! Welcome, welcome to my personal favorite in reviews, Studio AD! Can you believe it? They just let anyone in! Well, with a bit of flashing that was totally an accident! It was! Honest. Why are you looking at me like that? It was! I was so excited I leaned on over and boom! My boobs just popped out! I guess they were so amazed at the look on my face that they just let me pass. That's okay because, here I am, taking a walk through some of the most alluringly enticing visions out there! Really!

I tripped over the first but had to go back for the second and stared for some time. The visionary genius of this artist completely amazes me. Eye threading astounding! Nipple enlarging! Wait I'm not sure that's right. I think its, swelling cleavage? Maybe thats not right either. Umm.. This is getting too personal!

Here dearling, take my hand, I won't bite. Oh! Well, you shouldn't either! This isn't wild kingdom you know! Wait, maybe something is wild around here. The artistry in this place simply makes one drool at the popping coloration that just oozes its sexuality all over the place. From the waters of the deep it just attacks, and that tiny bikini? She must have bought that in Paris! Besides the deep sea creatures attacking, we get the stimulating vision of a beauty and her sword and onwards to the lovelies of the Far East. This place has everything! I wonder if Mr. Stormbringer wanders these halls? Wait? You think? Quick, hide me! Sometimes he's so grumpy he just takes a paddle to my ass before I even get to do anything! Honest! Well, almost honest. I'm not sure what it is, but he says something about wiggle and bounce. Do you understand?

Well! Anyway! I surely understand the creative juices that flow once you get a good look inside. Come on! Hurry up! You'll love every moment and seriously, dont forget to sign up for this place, you won't want to miss anything! Especially me!

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