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Good day, hello, hi! All of that is for you! Did you see that? I made it all for you! And why not? After strolling quickly through this new site I felt... oh what's that word? Oh! Elated. Thrilled. Excited. Also, my stomach keeps rolling about in a most peculiar manner. I can't quite figure out what that is. Oh well! Come along, hurry! I'm about to lead you on a journey into Amazonia's world and I know you won't want to miss this!

Okay! The coast's clear! It's just you and me and, OH! And them! Oh my, look at those! I mean, not her bouncing pillows! Well, ok, I suppose that would be the first place I would look as well, but I meant, look at the artistry displayed here like a meal fit for a King!

Why, over there you have Soldier girls. Oh dear, I'm sure those outfits weren't meant to be that small! And over there is the Deadly Dolls, girls put into cute lil outfits who look like they mean business! I wonder if they'll let me borrow one of those hmm? Oh! Yes, and over here we see Hitwoman. I bet she's not easy! And over there is Macy Sage. Now that pretty thing has some history! There are just so many to delve into here. Where do you wish to start?

It's a plethora of eye candy in a 3D format that doesn't fail to deliver not only the colorful array of girls bouncing about but as well, the story each one tells as it unfolds before your eyes. Come on in. Stay a while, I'll be here. We'll look through it together.

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