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Hello! Hi! How are you? Me too! It's great when we have something in common isn't it? I'm Candice of course! And I get this glorious job of dipping into the artists and their eye of the beholder! That's you! I was just bouncing today because, well I get to lead you around the world of The Art of BDG! And it's thrilling! Exotic! Just knock your panties off perfection! But instead of me just gushing, let's get on with my perfecto review!

BDG! Oh my gosh! I was just thrilled! I mean, he even has this work of me in there! The highest form of compliment ever! And I get to help tell a story! And not just any story but one of three lovers and its all so well made! There's more, so much more though! The 3D world needs to look out because this artist will make your eyes pop and your fingers curl as if you could just reach out and touch every curvaceous wonder he puts in front of you! I mean, I tried but it just didn't work out to well! We go from a wonderful story to a sizzling sexual Demon portrait and then on to Cast of scintillating elves all laid out in glorious peek-a-boo and stroke my silky flesh erotica! There are pinups and stories galore to follow and it made my tummy clutch and I could even hear my own gasp of breath! You've no idea just how sensual and wonderful it all is, but you will! So hop on in, we'll go together because I just can't get enough! And neither will you. Promise!

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