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Beauty and Evil

Wow! Like, you can really put those two words together? Well! I had to ask right? Are you laughing? It's a real question! But! I had a peek inside and I'm thrilled to tell you that Beauty and Evil CAN go together! Well, not buddies or holding hands and exchanging flowers type of going together! Oh no! Wait! I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Candice and I'll be your guide! That's right! I review these exotic to the erotic sites and coat you in my humorous anecdotes while I'm at it! Just for fun! What do you mean that's not really funny? Maybe you could help me along the way find my... funny bone? Um! That's NOT my funny bone!

Come on then! Let's hurry up and stroll through the wonders of Beauty and Evil! There's so much to see and we have lots of time together!

Over here! I really love the blasting of coloration and style and the sexual grab you where it counts way this artist displays their work! As if they created this just for us! From the Comics to the stories each picture tells of the curves and the danger and into the exotic of monsters that grab you in the night! Or day! I like day! I can see them coming!

We have Aliens and Beauty! Brutes and Beauty! Beauty mixed with Demons! Oh my! That's scarier, if you would just hold my... Umm!!! That's still not my funny bone! Well, okay! If you promise to just squeeze now and again? OH! And over here, hurry! There's so much more to look through and... What? You know that already? Let's go? Okay! After me! Don't worry, I won't leave you behind! And you won't be disappointed! Promise!

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