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"Hi, you've come to the right place for hot sex and erotic comics. This artist has a flair with comic sex babes. These comics are filled with torrid sex. They'll show you how hot babes end up in the beds of powerful men. There's lot of action in these erotic comics. In Bitchtown, you're introduced to some of the hottest sex you could ever imagine.

In one comic these men attack a couple looking for information and so much more. One of the attackers goes after the big breasted wife with a hard thingie aching to bury itself in her tight privates. When her husband refuses to tell the men what they want to know he's shot in the head. Frightened, she begs the man not to hurt her. He tells her if she does as she's told they won't kill her. This leads to some sizzling sex. She gets to suck on one man's hard length tasting his juices. They decide to take her in both places with her sandwiched between them. In the end, she lies dead at her husband's side. Is it getting warm in here? You think my bottom is cute…? Th-thanks… Yes, you can squeeze it if you want… shivers…

There are other stories to be enjoyed in this huge site. The artist takes you into his world of sex so hot it'll keep you on the edge of your seat, hot and bothered. In other stories, there's a dark story about these men who film snuff movies. What's 'snuff'? Well, its where an erotic story ends up with the girl being killed during sex. In this story, a young woman is searching for her missing sister. During her search, the woman comes in on a scene of a cute babe having torrid sex with a masked man. It's the point in the movie where the man kills the poor girl but the sister shoots and kills him. The man filming the movie tries to run away but the sister catches him on the roof of the building. She ends up killing the man. The sex in this erotic comic is set really nice. There's still a lot to see… You want more? Then you should join this sexy website and enjoy all the stories of sex and action. See you again soon, I hope…"

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