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"Welcome to this hot site… I'll tell you all about the wonderful erotic art to be found here… This artist is sure to make a splash on the erotic art scene. Blackheart has a way of taking a scene of peril and turning into some startling hand drawn pictures. The hot babes in his works are prime toys for the taking. He loves to put sexy ladies in pain in this dramatic erotic art. The bodies of these girls are displayed as you enjoy the sight of pain and fear in their eyes. Y-You like watching a girl squirm helpless before you… Oh… Please don't look at me that way… Let's hurry on…

There are several galleries of erotic art to choose from in this large erotic website. I'll take a peek into the Alien gallery. It's quite interesting with the sight of helpless damsels in distress at the mercy of aliens who have no mercy. The abductees in Blackheart's world aren't coming back. They find themselves in alien torture chambers in the hands of terrifying creatures using the hot babe's soft body for their own dark pleasures. If there's any experimentation going on its in the field of how much pain can the alien give to his human female test subject. shivers… That's so scary… Hold me tight while I looked around… Perhaps you'd like to take a trip to hell to watch hot women being used and abused by some of the heartless demons of the underworld. In this large erotic art gallery the babes are toyed with in a game of how much can she take before she breaks. This demon sex is hardcore and tempting to the eye. If you like it rough this is the site for you… This artist works hard to bring you the most tempting erotic pictures. I found this gallery to be full of some hot 2D artwork in a hand drawn style that I don't see a lot of these days. A sweet young victim is perfect for this wild ride into a demon playground. The erotic art in this gallery is dramatic and captivating in its form. Imagine a demon straight out of your nightmares shoving his thick thingy down a helpless woman's throat while his equally disgusting fellow demon is shoving his member into her softest place. This artist takes the scene and puts an interesting twist to the 2D art... and he has much more to offer. A hot dominatrix stands over her helpless toy inflicting pain and humiliation on the sexy babe in a variety of ways. This artist shows a good range of fun styles of peril in this huge gallery of erotic art. There's so much more to enjoy in this dynamic website. Thanks for holding me… You can let go of my… Well… Your hands did feel good there… shivers… I'll see you again soon…"

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