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Hi! Hello! It is I, Candice! That's right! The greatest pink haired wonder reviewer ever! Right? I mean, you agree with me? I knew you would! And what an adventure into the erotic I have for you, today! Yes, yes! See what being Stormbringer's secretary gets you? Well, besides a coffee stain on my bottom! Come along, I want to introduce you to the Gallery of the Bound! I love it already!

Delicious. Scintillating. Scandalous! And those are just three words I could come up with! Think how many more you'll be rolling over that tongue when you get a peek at this artist's world of Gallery of the Bound! It's dangerous being a buxom woman these days and the artist certainly depicts all the sensual art of binding and ropes and so much more! Its eye poppingly wonderful and certainly makes your tummies clench. Just like mine is right now! It's a 3D world of scantly clad beauties struggling away with every curve on display and it's just, erotic, fascinatingly titillating! Want more? Then come on! Let's hurry inside! You won't be left wanting anything but more!

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