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Hello! Hi! I'm Candice! Wait? You know that already? I bet it was my stunning personality that gave it away! Right? Of course it was! You've seen me all over, since I get the exciting job of reviewing all our artists! It's such a long day though, I just can't stop walking around, cooing over everything. My poor feet are just so tired! Someone has to do it, right? And who better than me! And today I have one of those delicious treats just for you! CGErotics! Stunning is the word for this artist and the work sprawled out for your viewing pleasure!

Vivid displays of only the most delicate of bodies are splayed in an array of delectable erotica. This artist captures the imagination and lingers into the darker areas of misgivings and perhaps a hint of toe curling wantonness. From aliens to naughty play to even a scene of lockup! The color and positions are a vision to behold and certainly you'll be too busy going from one glorious splash of need to the next. You won't want to miss this! I certainly had a splendid time of strolling, stomach clenching sensations and I want to take you along for the ride. Grab hold, don't be shy. I'll be with you.

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