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KavenBach's Damsels, Danger and Doom

"Oh… There you are… This is a dangerous place for girls like me… There's no telling who or what is going to grab me here… Do you really want me to take a peek inside for you? O-Ok… but you have to go with me… Hold on tight and stick close to me… Let's be really quiet… This is a huge site with a wide variety of delights for the viewer. This artist has a flair for black and white hand drawn art. These startling works of erotic art are made even more intriguing by KavenBach's commentary with each picture. The erotic art galleries range from bondage to vore with a large selection to choose from. These pictures are somewhat surreal and hot to view. They will stay with you long after you've viewed them.

Sexy babes don't stand a chance in this artist's erotic world. shivers From chains and whips to a killer plant ready to gobble the woman up, these erotic pictures are well detailed with a touch of the twisted.

Besides hot erotic art, KavenBach's imagination is working overtime when it comes to adult comics and illustrated stories. These erotic comics are drawn with a bold hand in themes of damsels in distress. Take Chelsea's Mistake as one example of this artist's talents. The powerful sorceress, Chelsea desires eternal life. She works to develop a potion that will give her immortality. When she finally succeeds the foolish woman doesn't realize she's made a serious error. Chelsea can't remain dead but the price for her immortality is the loss of her memory each time she's brought back to life. This erotic comic is an ongoing storyline sure to have many episodes for you to enjoy.

This category has other erotic comics and illustrated stories. In Transformations, the artist has men turning into women and women turning into trees in rocking erotic scenes. From monsters to vore, this artist has a wide range of erotic comics that are sure to tantalize your darkest fantasies. These adlut comics are hot and heavy with a flair for the surreal. Along with his illustrated stories, this prolific writer has written stories in a wide range. From transformations to vore, you'll find what you're looking for in these hot erotic stories. Men can become the hottest sex toys and women make the tastiest meals in these trips into the wild side of human nature. Oh… No… I don't know where they keep the shackles here… I… uh… think its time for me to go… I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into KavenBach's dangerous world… I hope I'll see you again soon… You can never tell here… Bye for now…"

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