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Dark Empires

Hello! Good day to you! Iím Candice! What do you mean you thought so? Was it my sparkly pink hair? The glittery bubble in my eyes? My smile? I bet it was my... assets! But wait! Iím all that and more, really! Iím also your guide to these glorious scintillating sites. Pages upon pages of stomach clenching, toe curling erotica!

Today I take you through Dark Empires! And glory is it dark, mysterious, alluring and wanton! Come on, letís go! Hurry up! You wonít want to miss anything! I know I donít! Weíll start with the Dark Jungle Encounter where Daveigh has just landed. Things are strange and more than a little unusual. The tale is told with an expertise of storytelling within each picture, painstakingly drawn to capture your attention, to make you feel the startling revelations that are about to unfold. Not to mention, Daveigh is one tasty damsel about to be in distress! But thereís more! Moving along to Dark Sewer Encounter where we meet Ashley on her way home from working at the club. She runs into a rather dark-seeming man who wants a lot more than the poor curvaceous girl is willing to give. She runs into an alley to escape and then...! For more, youíll have to delve into it deeper but youíll want more!

Oh but there are a few more for us to peek into! Dark She Boys and the Dark Slave Ship! My personal favorite! The depictions of each well-placed wonderful image certainly makes you delve deeper than you thought your imagination could handle. All displayed so mind-bending well that youíll have a hard time stepping away. Donít miss the Dark Empires, come on now, letís go look through each one, together!

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