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Alucard's Darker Shades of Danger

"Shhhh… It's really scary here so stick close… Do you really want to take a peek inside Alucard's world? Well… I suppose I could take a little look but you have to be very quiet… We could run into all sorts of monsters… Hold me close… Yes you can hold me there… It does feel good to have your hand there… This artist is serving up a tantalizing mixture of adult cartoons, manip pics and exotic hand drawn artwork. These cartoons are classic vore with the damsel in distress becoming a slimy monster's dinner. These naked women are the main course in a meal sure to satisfy the hungry beast in you.

Bound and helpless cute babes wiggle nicely in the tentacles of creatures from the darkest pits of Alucard's twisted mind. shivers This is really scary… Let's be really quiet and hope the monsters don't see us… The artist has a flair for putting cute girls in the most alluring situations to be served up as a tasty meal. In daring photo manipulations, he brings to life the viewer's appetite with a tease of hot women on the plate. Those poor girls don't stand a chance in this artist's world… In another gallery of this website is dramatic hand-drawn artwork of women in great peril. Quicksand is a danger hidden in the strangest places. The sexy lady never sees it coming as she walks without a care. She walks into the deadly trap, the sand starting to suck her in. Screams go unheard as the hot babe slowly slips deeper and deeper into the wet pit. This hand drawn art brings a new life to a classic peril for the beautiful babes of the world. Do you want to watch her sink into the wet pit? You just have to join Alucard's website and you'll get to watch every twitch of her body. Shhh… I think I'd better go now… There's no telling when those tentacles are going to attack… I hope you enjoyed this little peek into this dangerous site… I'll see you again soon if no monsters catch me… Bye for now…"

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