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Darksisters, The Series

Hello! Hi! How are you!? Iím great! Iím fantastic as a matter of fact because I get to jump into the pages of the Dark Sisters series! Itís something alright and Iíve loved every moment I got to spend traipsing about. Itís a never ending story of Sisters, gorgeous sisters, well built, curvaceous, kinda twisted sisters. Itís a treat you canít imagine but our Artist sure did!

Itís fantastically laid out, makes your fingers want to skim along, touch and the eye candy is definitely a must have! Vibrations of wonder, a bit of the sinister, a lot of the sensuality and definitely a flirtatious time will be had. The story is laid out clearly, simply and yet there is that hidden something you canít quite grasp! You are left wondering and wanton before you get through it all! I know I was! Hold my hand, come with me, donít be shy, youíll love every moment and every breath you spend within the series of The Dark Sisters. Oh my! I canít wait for you to join me!

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