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Good day to everyone! Oh and you too! My my what a good looking person I see coming to be with just little pink-haired olí me? I hope so! Oh and of course, our Artists! Tee hee. Not that Iíve forgotten about them, oh no! In fact, I have something very unusual and a treat to the eye and the fetching of the mind for you! And YOU! Come with me, Candice! Hold my hand, anything that grabs your attention! Be careful, I might like it! But today, its all about Deepspace 3Dís Aliens and Monsters Sexual juxtaposition! Oh! I know a long word! Arenít you proud!? I am!

It's creepy and scintillating to the senses. Itís erotic and fetching in the sense that you canít tear your eyes away! The pictures grab you and hold you and really itís all a twisting form of the sensual gone mad! Aliens and Monsters need love too you know? And they get it in these pages! Boy do they get it! I mean, they really have fun. In that almost crazy sexual sort of way! You wonít want to miss this, I promise! Come with me, join me in every eye-popping sexual exploration of just what lies in the mind of Deepspace 3Dís Aliens and Monsters. You wonít regret a moment of the time spent here.

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