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"Hi there… I'm happy to see you here. Let me tell you about this awesome website. With a really hot artist, this website has a fantasy overtone that includes dark elves and barbarians. This is a huge site with lots to see and enjoy. The erotic art galleries are filled with some of the sexiest women in a variety of perilous situations. It's kind of scary to look at but I'll peek through my fingers and tell you what I see. Do you like to see a naked woman whipping an equally sexy babe? I know… The picture is really exciting to look at but that's only the beginning of what this Peril gallery has to offer. There are women with swords in little more than a small outfit that shows off their stunning bodies. You'll even find men who have fallen victim to powerful women. This artist has a touch with these 3D art pictures.

This doesn't begin to tell you about the amount of erotic delights that await you. Oh… I-I guess you can caress my breast… It does feel really good… moans softly Let's go on… There's an immense erotic art gallery dedicated to picture stories. From the most kinky sex you can imagine to series about girl on girl sex, these picture stories are sure to please you. This is still only a small sample of the erotic pictures in this website and there's more. This artist has a gallery of text stories waiting to be read. In 'The Barbarian and the Drow' a male human barbarian and a female drow elf wizard end up camping together. The pair has great pleasure in the furs. She pleasures the man in ways that leave him gasping for more. It's really a hot story… It makes my panties wet reading it… That's only one of several stories waiting, each filled with hot action in a fantasy setting with elves and magic. You'll find this site has a ton of stuff to offer and enjoy. It'll get even more in the coming months. Enjoy this dynamic site… See you soon…"

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