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Phalu's Jungle

"You're here… I'm glad to see… This is a place where cute girls like me are captured by savage shemales to be sex toys… It's really scary in Dufy's world… There's no telling what's going to happen to a sexy lady… Let's take a look but hold me close and be really quiet… I'll peek between my fingers… These pictures are hand drawn in a neat style. You can see the details this artist puts into each erotic picture. You've heard of missionaries traveling to primitive tribes. Well… In Phalu's Jungle those sexy lady missionaries are the chosen prey of powerfully built shemales. These ancient warriors have the hot bodies of a woman with a male thingy that's huge and ready for action. There's a gallery of pictures dedicated to abductions. Each picture is kind of exciting to look at. I've never seen male parts like these natives of the jungle. shivers I wouldn't want to be caught by one of those shemales… Be very quiet please… Let's look a little further… These erotic art galleries cover a variety of categories all done with a primitive tribal theme. The bondage gallery will show you jungle shemales with their sweet little prey bound for their captor's pleasures. Some of these poor girls are going to end up someone's dinner in the vore gallery. In Ravish Rhonda, the sexy lady doesn't stand a chance again the native shemale standing in her window. Shivers I think I'd better go before I get spotted… I hope you like this little tour of Dufy's jungle world… I'll see you again soon… bye for now…"

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