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Elysium and Tartarus

Hello! Hi! It’s me, Candice here to help guide and hold your… umm, your hand! Here we are, step right up to the fantastic, to the most excellent, to the splash of a lifetime vision of flowing colors and scary scenes to the erotic and to the dangerous Elysium and Tartarus! Wow, I said a mouthful and we are just beginning!

Featured in this artist's site are the naughty pinups of a red-head named Andy. I just delved right in and almost couldn’t stop myself! Just like I know you’ll be doing! And onwards to Bekah Abbott who is also so very naughty! To Fionn and Gwyn, Katri and Kayla and… and… Oh my, I need to take a breath! If these dark and mysterious pictures don’t capture your imagination and the rate of your heart beat? Then nothing else will! This fantastic display of lovely girls just goes on and on and the imagination is not only stimulated, but so is everything else! Delve in with me, keep moving, keep watching and wanting. Such treasures inside! Trust me!

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