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Hi! Guess who! Oh my gosh! Well that didn't take long! That's right, I'm Candice your deliciously curved, delightfully bouncy and definitely wiggly reviewer of all sites naughty and maybe nice. You guys are just so smart! It's okay because I love surprising you with the treats of erotica that are at your fingertips and mine! Fantastic isn't it? You bet my pink hair it is! And today, we offer up the sweets without the spoils! It's just so hungry for you the readers and wonderful people that come here to peek inside! And today we are going to stroll down a Super insight into a woman of lasso like quality and watch the story unfold right before our very eyes! I'm so excited to announce to you the workings of Eurynome's Art!

Just saying that makes me want lean into a strong body and peek over the shoulder! Come on in, let's take a peek, just a little one, I won't spoil it for you, promise! Mostly because not only does this artist carry a big imagination but the color pops and grabs, the story takes you back to the worlds of villains and heroines! I mean, really! I couldn't stop reading the adventures of a could be Wonder Woman in all her ready to defend the city and world only to be a little, drawn away from her usual safety net of what to expect! Oh my gosh, it's just so thrilling! Come on in, stay as long as you like, read and look at everything and know you won't be disappointed; as a matter of fact, you'll be wondering if you can make a cape and a caper just like that! I promise! And has Candice ever steered you wrong? Of course not! You are all so clever! Take my hand, take a handful if you like, every mind bending moment is waiting for you!

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