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Oh my gosh! Hello! Hi! How are you? Iím terrific! What was that? You saw? Oh my! Naughty, naughty! Wait! Thatís why youíre here right? Of course you are! Iím Candice and Iíll be your helping hand for the review of this new artist. Artfully called EyeTeeth Productions! And my oh my, the ironic catchy name really speaks for itself when you slip through these pages upon pages of erotic, eye catching, curve delicious, magnificentÖ Oh! Iím gushing! In more ways then one I hear. What exactly does that mean anyway? Can someone tell me?

Come on! Hurry up. I want to show you everything! Iím so impressed, so lost in the depth of EyeTeeth that I almost couldnít find my way out again. And Iím really sure you wonít want to. Promise! Look! Over there! In Le Chat Noir. Vibrant and sultry and definitely what I would call erotic. A story to tell, the eye catching work pops out and nabs you! And over there! Spice girls! You just have to go in here. Delicious little spy games. Sensual women in trouble or finding trouble. Itís all so wanton and almost scary!

You canít miss EyeTeeth Productions and donít worry! Youíll be with me. Iíll keep you safe! Promise! Maybe.

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