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Girl Gulper

"Oh… Have you come to protect me? There are so many ways a girl like me can end up on some monster's dinner plate… You REALLY want to take a look inside… All right but we have to be really careful… We'll tiptoe really quietly and hope we aren't seen… Hold on tight and keep an eye on my back… Oh… You prefer to keep an eye on my cute backside… Yes, my bottom is firm but I don't know about being made to be spanked… Here we go…

The artwork on this website is done with a style that brings to life the hand drawn pictures. In this large site there are six hot galleries to choose from. Let's begin our tour of this engaging site with a character sure to please. In the Gamma gallery we find a hungry little beast from your darkest imagination. The creature may not have a head but he has a huge mouth that was designed with cute babes in mind. Once you're in his grip there's little chance you'll escape from him. He has an appetite to suit his gaping maw. In just a few gulps this hungry little beast eats up the sexy babe. shivers This is really scary… Just watch him pick up that sexy woman and pop her in his mouth like she's a gumdrop… Are those my knees knocking? We'd better move on before he hears us…

In another gallery in this mega site, all your gardening girls should heed a warning, the plants are hungry. Imagine the cute girl sees a strange little plant in the window of an odd flower shop. Seeing the price isn't that high, our unsuspecting little lady buys the plant to take home. As she's watering her new 'baby', the plant opens up to reveal the most beautiful flower the woman has ever seen. The sexy babe leans forward to sniff the incredible bloom and SNAP… I'll let your imagination finish that story. This is only a skimpy sampling of what this website has to offer. Let BlackWhite take you on a tour of the erotic peril of damsels on the menu for plants and monsters alike. jumps Oh… You like smacking my bottom… Well… I have to go now… Maybe you'll get a chance to really spank me some other time… It might even be fun… Bye for now…"

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