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The Goblin's Hole

Greetings! It's me, the Pink Haired Wonder of... stuff. I had an opening line, honest, but I lost it! It's okay though right? Because you're still here and I'm still here and we can be together, here. Right? Of course we can! I'm Candice! And today we are going to be reviewing the Goblins Hole! That's right! I said it. It's not what you think, there is no Goblin, at least I don't think so, a bit scary in there though, yes, very. So hang on tight while we stroll through the site and the mystical erotica of The Goblins Hole shall be revealed!

It's full of wonders and, hey wait a minute. Okay, I do wonder about that! I'm sure that's not a Goblin of course, but I could be wrong. What? Oh! Forgive me, Sir Stormbringer is always telling me to stop blabbering and just get to it. From the dangers of slipping into a cave all alone, to the creatures and monsters that litter within. To the bondage and the chasing to the oddities of green slim running over a beauty's luscious curves. It's creepy and it's a bit frightening so I'll have to cover my eyes and hurry through but you might wish to stay a little longer. Wait! I do see a Goblin! Such tales are told in the comics laid out and each picture plans out a story with eye-catching visualization. Why just look at the horror and sensual curl of those lips! Not mine! Oh dear, I'm very sure you shouldn't be squeezing me that tightly. What was that? Rope? I haven't got any sorry, but if you ask that Troll-like creature over there, he might let you borrow some. Really!

Stay for the excitement and the mind-bending artistry work and don't forget to bring something to wipe away the drool... or are those tears? Don't cry! I'll... do something! And don't forget, you want to press on that little membership button and browse around until you just can't stop wanting more. I promise it's well worth the ride.

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