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"Hi, I'm glad you joined me here. I've got a neat site to tell you about. These Asian girls are so very hot… Oh… Y-Yes… I like your hand there… You see, these heroines are out to protect others but seem to have a hard time protecting themselves. Dragon Girl is a hot lady who can wield a sword and looks stunning in her robes. She sees these scary men getting ready to sacrifice this naked lady and kills the men to free the woman. As she's escaping, Dragon Girl is knocked out with poison gas. It's so scary to see those men standing over her when she's helpless. moans That feels good… The evil leader of the men is frightening.

Please hold me while we peek at the site. This erotic art is so cool. You can see the fear in the women's eyes and the lust in the bad guys' faces. What happens to Dragon Girl? Oh… Well… You can get all the hot and sexy details of Dragon Girl and her friend Phoenix Girl in this site and there's more to look at. In another gallery called 'Your Power is Mine' this Asian lady warrior is in battle with these evil warriors and is captured. Oh… This one is really scary… My legs are trembling… Yes… I suppose your hand there is helping… The captured swordlady is stripped naked and bound. It seems the leader of these evil men is going to turn her into the sex slave of a demon. Well… No, I-I don't think I'd want to be the sex slave of a demon… I suppose it could be fun when you put it that way… shivers This is a scary of story of sex and demons stealing away her soul. If you want to see more of the scary action you just need to join this site… I'm sure you'll enjoy it…"

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