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Hyperfemmes: Impact Zero

Hello to you and you and oh my, how you doin'? Oh! Iím Candice! Yes, I know the pink hair is a little twisted, but so are the sites you are about to Ďbareí witness to! Oh my, I made a funny, yes I did! Iím not just all hair you know! Come with me, hurry up! I canít wait to show you around Hyperfemmes Impact Zero! Oooooh I LOVE saying that. Its just so, bam! In your head! Know what I mean? No? Wait! Are we both speaking Candice here? Oh good!

It isnít just the name that pops either! These works of the artist's imagination slam out and nab your attention! Really! Sassy and slick it makes me think I can reach out and touch them. The colors are vivid and the appeal of sexual tension makes me want to... oh! I shouldnít say such things. At least out loud! Makes me squirm though. Everything in these pages is gut-grabbing fantastic and youíll love every moment you spend. Keep moving from one to the other, you can see and feel the emotions even in their eyes to their stance! Sexually animalistic and taunting you to have more. Donít miss Hyperfemmes Impact Zero, or you will be sorry. Hold me closer now, we are going to further peek inside and devour the sights!

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