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Ladies in Chains

Hi! Welcome! Hello! I'm Candice! Oh wait, but of course I'm Candice! It's not like I'd be a Eunice or a Melody! I'm your pink haired wonder of Reviewers and I'm here to show you around Ladies in Chains! I know, right? It sounds so sexy. So, exciting! I can't wait for you to take a peek and then delve into this fantasy erotica for the ages! Come on then, let's get our show, on the road!

This artist brings the pop into 3D! Eye popping that is! Smooth skin, story lines, helpless ladies in chains and cages and.. Oh! I'm getting ahead of you? Sorry! I just can't help myself! There is a plethora of fun within these walls. From Bad Times that takes you on a rollerotica ride through the days of January like a naughty diary you found in an old chest, to In the Traditional way that takes us through a scintillating ride of almost Romanesque eye catching scenery! And I'm not just talking about the background! These lovely, if not well endowed and favorably curvy, wonders are led on a dangerous path from one erotic scene to the next. It makes your toes curl wondering what will happen next and you tummy to clench! I know mine did!

So come on in! I mean, really! Don't hesitate, there's so much more waiting for you! Its color will make you say wow! The stories it tells you will make your breath go faster and the dangerous situations will have you on the edge of your seat!

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