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Hello! Iím so excited! Can you tell? Iím Candice! And Iím your reviewer to these magnificent sites where you, the viewer get to peek inside a land of erotica and gripping horror that still manages to make you get all squirmy! Isnít that just divine? It is! But today is an especially wonderful day because I get to show you, Ladyboys! Thatís right! The artist with power! I mean, lady and boys! Isnít that power?

When I first got to peek I was just in awe! I mean, the art work is very powerful indeed and shows us all what really makes erotic into a sensual art form that just canít be beat! Itís not just the images in here, itís the expressions, the darkened depths that you can just feel vibrating along your very skin! I mean it! But youíll not believe me until you step inside fully, so letís hurry!

Thereís just so much to see! Every section holds a story and holds your imagination. Itís just so sexy I donít know where to begin! Over there youíll find Belinda! Like, can you hear it already? Can you feel it? You will! And oh! Over here! Look, hurry! The story simply continues on and nabs your attention. Just what plights can this beautiful creature get into? Just what can they feel and just how well do they feel it? I mean, itís a story! Hello? Youíll not want to miss each episode and youíll literally be begging for more and more! I know I did. Letís go further, letís read and watch together as this artist gives us a new twist on what we perceive and what their reality is!

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