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Hello and welcome! I'm Candice and I'll be your guide to this exotic and erotic world of Lucian! Doesn't it just roll off your tongue? Lu… cian! I love it! And you will love the world into which this artist drags you too! The color! The bondage! The… What? Of course I said bondage! Isn't it exciting? I know my tummy is tingling! Come on in! Hold my hand, hold anything you want and let's go have a peek within.

Come my dear! Come closer! Within these walls are the decorations of life! The rainbows of mystery and the delicate touch of someone that knows just what you like! I mean, really! I was amazed and excited and I couldn't stop my legs from shaking! Look! Over there! See that? That's right, didn't I promise you bondage? To be exact, Bondage Warriors. And it is just FILLED with everything. The colors are as creamy smooth as the flesh upon those lively women, it's almost as if you could reach out and touch and just feel the silken sheen of sweat as they go to work, in more ways than one! It tells a story and it draws you in until your breath is catching and your toes are curling! Oh my gosh! My toes are really curling!

This is temptation and I just want to sink my body into each flare of the pictures, I mean, don't you? Of course you do! Oh and look over there! Lucians tales! Oh my gosh, I can't gush enough on just how much you'll love these tales and the artist's fine eye for detail. It's a sensual experience you'll just have to keep coming back for! Would I lie to you? Don't be silly! Hurry, come with me, let's delve into this plethora of eye catching, stomach curling, tongue melting experience. You won't regret even one breath you hear, or one heart beat that skips.

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