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"Hi there, I'm glad you joined me here… This is a fun site with sexy hand drawn artwork with a flair for fun… Would you like to take a peek inside with me? I suppose we could take a little look inside if you want to go with me… Just hold on tight to me… Oh my… You can hold on there but just a little looser… I bruise easy… Here we go…

There's some really cool artwork to look at. Let's look in the Pinup category first. There are some hot pictures with some sexy babes to enjoy. In a fantasy theme, these cute girls are shown in some hot poses, in and out of armor. Oh my… There's a category that's really sexy… I'll take a peek between my fingers just for you of course… There are some hot pictures with a twist of art that shows the creative mind of the artist. This girl is barely dressed in the arms of some unique monsters. The artist captures your attention with the unique drawing style that seems to bring a level of amusement and delight. The site has a category of comics that are done in a twist of pleasure. These to two elves are captured by a wizard and are supposed to be taken to a dwarf slaver. The wizard decided to have some fun with the captives before delivering them. The servant of the wizard puts a spell on the elves so the wizard can play with them for a while… Oh my… That looks like it might be fun… blushes… The real joke is on the wizard… want to know why? grins… You'll have to join this fun site and see for yourself.

If you like fantasy themes and hand drawn artwork you're in the right place. There's so much to enjoy in this hot site. I… think it's time for me to go… If you don't mind letting go of my… Oh… blushes… Thanks… No… I don't think I was bruised but if you really want to check I suppose you can… Ah… Thanks for looking… Your hands did feel nice… I hope I'll see you again soon… Bye for now…"

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