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Hello! Can you feel the air around you? Itís glittering! Really! With vibrations of lust in the air! Listen! Can you hear it? No? Oh dear! You really need a dose of my medicine! No silly! Iím not a nurse. Although I have heard Iím quite good with my hands! But perhaps I can show you! Come along now, donít lag behind, Iím Candice and Iíll be your stewardess on this flight of fantasy, alluring artistry and the sensations of erotica!

Come. Come! Hurry up! Today we are going to visit the collection of exotic erotica within the pages of Marytales! A lovely artist if there ever was one, right after my own heart! I mean the capturing of the imagination. Well, I donít have to tell you! Weíll see it together. Here in categories lays a plethora of beauties and danger, a bit of bondage to get your heart racing! Why look! Here in the Random image category! A simplistic if not captivating array of art work that will have your eyes roaming! OH! And over here! Come look into Sunday Morning! Donít let the name fool you! Or maybe it should! These are the forbidden fruit of our wandering minds of what a Sunday should really be like!

OR! Oh my gosh! Over here, by Tied. I think my stomach just giggled a little. I think! Its full of lustful fantasy and the art that plays to the erotic of mind. It makes you want to reach out and give them a hand. Almost! Come deeper into Marytales world. You wonít leave disappointed and youíll want just a touch more, just a touch.

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