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Hello! I'm great! I'm fantastic! Wait! You didn't ask how I was, I was supposed to ask how you are! Well, how are you? I bet you're delicious. I love that in a person! You know what else I love? That's right! Reviewing these erotic sites. And today we have something of a treasure for you, and I do mean, a treasure! The Booby Trap Club! Doesn't the name just pop? I knew you'd say that!

I couldn't believe my wide eyes when I slipped into these pages of artistry, mayhem and sinful erotic danger! No really! It slithered over my flesh like a snake at dinner. Whet the appetite? No, no! It satisfies and tantalizes and oozes sensuality and the chaos that comes with it. It quickly ensnares the imagination and flows over the senses, every single one of them. I couldn't stop looking, it's a thriving plethora of pleasure and a surprising delight in the simple story it tells. There are traps everywhere! And I don't just mean the name! Though, its really quite fitting and you'll want to stay a while just to see what's next. What's on that horizon and what will that curvaceous beauty do now! Come on in, don't be shy. I wasn't! You can hold me if you like. Really close. Be captured by the sensational beauty in each piece of art, and don't be afraid to breathe.

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