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"Oh dear oh dear! Its your favorite Pink-haired curvy being of the wondering kind. What do you mean, what do I wonder? I donno! But won't it be fun to find out? Hmm? Oh dear, what are you doing with those ropes!?!

Okay! To work with me! Since its my job to give you the best review I can give, let me do that! All tied up? Sure I can still do that! Why thank you for offering! On with my thoughts. We are here at Stiggy's Mutant Monster site and just, wow! I'm so impressed and scared! Thank goodness I'm all tied up or I might run, for now; instead I'll just wiggle and impress you with my fear.

Fear you say? From my certain point of pinky view, why yes. This is erotic peril at its finest. Filled with animation of the strangest kind and the kinkiest kind too! Don't turn away, watch! Oh my! I can't watch but, I can't seem to stop either! It's fascinating in this horrific sense. Well done, well flavored and well on its way to the popularity of the fantastically tasty peril I've ever been privileged to! And now you are as well. Watch with me; keep an eye on your heart rate. Don't turn away and together, we can accomplish anything. Together I said! Not make the bindings tighter! Okay, maybe a lil tighter? Thank you! You're so naughty!

Oh my! Did you see that? So did I. Please dont leave, sign up and get a better look at all that Stiggy and the Mutants offer. You'll be thrilled in one way, or another. Oh? You decided to stay? Thank you! Now, about that knot?

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