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Niceman's N.I.C.E. Labs

"Oh. There you are. This is a really scary site with tentacled monsters and sadistic men who'd do anything to get their hands on a cute girl like me. I-I suppose I could take a peek inside for you. Will you protect me? Just hold on tight to me. Oh. I suppose you can hold onto my. Uh. Let's be really quiet.

From tentacle hentai to SciFi labs and beyond, the sexy babes of Niceman's world are prey for the darkest monsters, human and otherwise. This 3D art is among the best I've ever seen. The detail work is incredible to see. You can see the terror in the eyes of the young women in these 3D renderings. This hot website has several erotic art galleries to tease your deepest hidden fantasies. The tentacle artwork shows a flair for the most interesting hentai. blushes bright. Oh dear. I hope they don't see us. You wouldn't want to see tentacles wrapped around my body. Would you? shivers at the look in your eyes.

Oh. L-Let's move on. In the horror gallery you'll get a good idea of how much work this artist puts into his tentacle renderings. The young ladies are helpless prey to demons from the dark pits of the underworld. Niceman offers a gallery of erotic pinups that's sure to delight you. These gorgeous women strike a delectable pose sure to catch the eye and hold your attention. The naked women are in saucy positions to tease and tantalize your eyes and fantasies.

This website offers even more erotic art galleries for your delights. In the SciFi gallery you get a good mix of alien worlds and medical labs out of Niceman's twisted imagination. These 3D art renderings are vivid and dramatic and sure to stay in your mind's eye long after you turn your computer off. This is just a small sample of this dynamic website and what delights you'll find within. Oh. What was that sound? I'd better go before some monster or alien catches me. I hope you enjoyed this little peek into Niceman's sinister world. I'll see you again soon. Bye for now."

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