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Nombe's Naked Women in Peril

Good day to you! What? I didnít say who I was? Oh my! Well Iím Candice! Hello! HI! Now weíve met, its time you met this rather exciting artist Nombe! And the Naked Women in Peril! Did I say that out loud? Of course I did! Silly, donít make me think too hard, I enjoy the goodies and the spoils!

Delicious. Fear ridden. Tempting. Whet your appetite work! And I have more words too! But Iíve forgotten them! Oh well, let's you and I take a walk through this artist's lovely bits and pieces. See there? Doesnít it scream to you? Well I know the women are screaming silly! Donít be ridiculous! Wait! They are screaming, I mean you can almost hear it! Doesnít that make your spine tingle? It does mine! Hold me close while we slip through the works of these drawings and page after page of scintillating creations done by Nombe. I can only say that neither of us will be disappointed.

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