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Oshiritataki by Akuma

"Oh… There you are… It's good to see you… Do you want me to take a peek in this site for you? I'll tell you what I see just hold on tight… Oh… Not too tight… I bruise easily and it really shows on my creamy white skin… In Akuma's world the punishing of cute young women is the norm. These college girls have to be very good or they might end up bent over a desk with a paddle being taken to their cute backsides. The large erotic art galleries have these hot women bent over with their panties dropped to their knees and their skirts pulled up to expose their rounded bottoms. By a cane or a paddle, those white butts are punished with welts striping their creamy white skin.

In Punished College Girls, one sexy student is in a math class but is having trouble paying attention. When the teacher asks her a question she can't answer, the cute girl finds herself in a lot of trouble. She's taken before the class and made to drop her panties then lift her uniform skirt. The student is made to count each strike of a cane till her bouncy bottom is striped with bright red welts. Oh… N-No… I don't know where they keep the paddles around here… Pl-Please don't look at me that way… I think we should move on…

In this artist's world no woman is safe from the punishment of a whipped bottom. In Office Girls, you get to follow a series of erotic 3D pictures that show cute babes getting their punishment over the desk where they work. Each time the woman finds her panties around her knees and her skirt lifted up to reveal her cute backside. With a cane or a paddle young women don't stand a chance. Their bottoms are soon welted and bruised for your viewing pleasure. Oh… Y-You found the paddles… I-I think its time for me to go… I hope you enjoyed this little peek into Akuma's world… I'll see you later… Bye for now…"

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