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Hi there and welcome to another addition to my great reviews! That's right! It's me, Candice! Who better to show you around, I mean, I was told all my assets are always in the right place. I'm not sure what that means, but obviously it's better then no assets! And here is another asset for you! No not me! I mean, the really good kind that makes your stomach curve inward and your breath to come in short little gasping sounds! Oh wait, that's me too! No, no! I mean the kind that the artist gives you with every stroke of his brush and every imagination that flickers into their minds eye is presented here, to you! Now that's an asset!

Today we have our best treat ever! And you didn't even have to run door to door! Outsider's Delusions is the place you want to be, and we are going to flicker through every delicious, erotic inspired piece of art that this artist has graciously brought to us. It doesn't get any better than the display of rough rope coiled around the spectacularly curved woman, the look of sheer vulnerability. It's just so mind blowing! From the thoughts of the artist to the pages you view, it's a tangled web of fascinating damsels in more then just distress. With a mixture of a lovely model in daring near-bare-do well costumes that make you want to just squeeze your heart into your throat! You can't miss every little nuance we've been blessed with! So hurry up, hold my hand! Hey! That's not my hand! Oh well! Let's go, the show is just beginning and you won't be disappointed. Promise!

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