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"Oh… There you are… I'm glad you decided to join me here… There's a lot to see in Pixelator's world… You can never be sure what's lurking in the dark corner of this artist's wild imagination… I'll take a peek inside with you… Just stick close to me… Anything can happen here… In the world of 3D art, this artist shows a skill with a heavy SciFi theme to his galleries. Do you like hot girl on girl action? Well, Pixelator brings you a gallery of sexy ladies getting it one with other hot women. In Peeping Toms, a group of guys get the show of a lifetime. On Halloween night, this group of young men comes across some naked babes. Knowing she's being watched, one hot lady decides to give the guys the hottest scene of lesbian sex the guys have ever seen. This story had a combination of written text and pictures to go along with it. The 3D pics are really hot and it's only the beginning of the boys' seeing pleasures.

In other stories of sizzling girl sex, you can follow picture stories that have the sexiest women having fun together like sex crazed maniacs. This is only one small gallery. In a collection of picture stories, you can see everything from interracial action to alien sex and everything in between. This artist gives you a wide range of galleries to enjoy. shivers There's a vore gallery that has some cute girls getting eaten by some terrifying monsters. Or if alien sex is your bag you'll find a nice little set of alien sex picture stories. This site touches on headless ladies and some asphyxiation but all have a heavy science fiction influence. shivers This is really a huge site with lots to see… It's time for me to go… I hope you liked this little peek into Pixelator's world… I'll see you again… I hope… Bye for now…"

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