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"Shhhhh… There are giant monsters waiting to devour a cute girl like me… I'll take a look inside if you'll come with me… Just keep a tight hold on me… Oh… Maybe not that tight… I bruise easily and it really shows on my creamy white skin… Keep your eyes open for danger and be really quiet… Here we go… shivers In hand drawn art and photo manipulations, Wild Pegasus brings you a world of hungry beasts who love to prey on sexy girls like me. The hand drawn artwork show a talent for getting hot ladies eaten by some of the scariest creatures you can imagine. These women never stood a chance against their attackers. The twisted beasts enjoy making a quick meal out of the hot babes. The photo manipulations are accompanied by commentary to increase their appeal.

There's a cheerleading camp somewhere in this artist's world that's like no other camp anywhere else. The cute girls are warned never to leave camp. When Dayna doesn't listen to these warnings she ends up the dinner of a giant prehistoric salamander. This doesn't stop another cheerleader from taking a walk outside the camp. This time the coaches are watching as she's snapped up by a giant snake. It makes them horny to watch her being swallowed. Are any cheerleaders safe with such demented coaches? You can bet they aren't. shivers looking around There are lots of pictures with hot women being eaten by giant plants and monsters. There are even some pics of Jabba the Hut with a whole different appetite from the one you remember in the Star Wars movies. There's plenty of girls to be swallowed up by giant lizards and huge crocodiles. If you want to watch young women being eaten then this is the site for you. Oh… What was that? It sounded like something sneaking up… I think its time for me to go… I don't want to get eaten… I hope you liked this little look into this artist's world of vore… I'll see you again… I hope… Bye for now…"

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