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Hello my wonderful friends and site seekers! Guess who! Oh! You knew already? Was it the pink hair? The jiggle to my assets? I know! It was my bubbly personality! No? Well then what was it? Oooooh. Oh my. Well, that will work too! It's spring! And Erotica is in the air. O'la la! And what an erotic show we have for you! That's right! Candice has a special treat in store for you, the review is just the icing on my cake!

Today I get to show you around Reaper's 3D World. Its not just erotica, its an adventure! That feel good, clench your stomach and shiver kind of good and it's all yours for the peeping! It's a site of wonder, splashes of fantasy and dark dreaming. This artist spares you no expense from the simply mind grasping positions to the sense of sensual needs. It's eye popping glory and I'm even featured within these erotic capturing pictures and oh my! The show is naughty personified and yet so me. You'll love every moment as Reaper has managed to capture the imagination the unusual and the hidden sensation in all of us and you'll be left wanting more and more. I know I'm wanton! Oh, I mean, wanting! Come inside, explore, stay, feel that touch and breathe in to capture the essence of this very lush display. And I do mean, lush!

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