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The Mad Scientist

"There you are… I'm glad you decided to join me here… There's no telling what can happen to a girl like me in this Lynortis' world… There are scientists here that use young women as test subjects for some of the scariest experiments… I'll take a peek inside if you'll go with me… Just stick close to me and be very quiet…

Using 3D art, this artist brings you a huge collection of stories done in picture series. These twisted picture stories come in a wide variety. There's a lot to see. In Comics 1, you start getting a feel for the artist's talent. The 'Feed with milk' story has naked women being forced to feed monsters in a very personal way. She is held still while the creature slowly comes up to her trembling body. The young woman has nice large breasts perfect for feeding the scientist's bizarre creations. The monster lifts two tentacles with mouths on the end. She cries out as the creature engulfs her firm breasts. A mix of pleasure and pain shows on her face while her milk feeds the beast. That cute girl is the lucky one. In 'Feeding with meat' the poor girl is offered up to a creature from your darkest nightmares. You get to watch picture by picture as she's slowly consumed. These pictures look realistic enough to make you wonder what you're really looking at.

Can you imagine being used in a breeding experiment? Well, these poor naked girls are strapped to metal tables with their legs spread leaving their sexes defenseless. First comes shots to their breasts to prepare them to feed their horrifying offspring. Next comes the probe headed between the woman's legs with clear intent. shivers

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