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Helloooo Cloning! I mean, hello to you too! Of course! Hi! Remember me? Candice! That's right, today we are on an adventure and review within the halls of The Sexy Adventurous Cloning Agency!

Thats right, Cloning Agency! Hey, is that like the whole chicken and egg thing? Hmm, I don't really think so, but you know, my ponytails could be on too tight. Would you check for me? Thanks! Ok, umm, those aren't my ponytails

Let's stroll through the gallery of Comic proportions and dynamic colors along with the story that's told. It flows and screams out Help me! dont you just love it? I do, I do!

We get some lovely images of sexy babes playing a mind sloshing game of drinks. Wendi of course, doesn't wish to hoola hoop! In her undies! I mean, really. I'd do it! And look carefully how the artist captures that look of drooling male needs! It's perfect! But that's not all you get in here! Come take a look, the beauties displayed, and the games they play. The demands, the sensual nature. It's all in here and you really need to click on that itty button over there for your Membership so you don't miss the rest of the story! I know I won't, I'm going in there right now to read all of it! Do you think Wendi will give in? Do you think the Hoola Hoop is really a negligee in disguise? It could be! Why are you laughing? I'm serious! This is an adventure you won't want to miss, so come on, what are you waiting for? I'll go first!

Artist Says

Damsels in Distress: Look no further... place your favorite sexy antagonists in jeopardy and watch 'em struggle to free themselves of their perilous predicaments--if they can... Watch as these unwitting victims fall prey to man's sexual perversions & frenzied urges...

Diabolical Stories: Feel the tension build as homely outcasts progress from harmless peeping toms with overly active masturbatory tendencies to depraved and sadistic murderers. These stories are guaranteed to arouse your most twisted fantasies with every sordid, page-turning detail. All comic pages are high quality and well produced.

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