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GOOD day! Yes it is a very good day!! Hi! I'm Candice and I'll be your reviewer upon this wondrous artist's work called ‘SinZone'. It should be called Sintillating! It's delicious! Delving into the black and white world, an eye catching piece of work that never forgets to keep on giving! I mean, really!

I was fascinated by how it all reached out to grab me! Shake my world and make me blink and giggle and then hold my breath! Abusment Park! Now THAT'S a name! And it delivers what the name promises! Every sketch gives you that feeling of being there, of standing out among the crowd! And I know all about standing out among the crowd! I mean, really! I walk along and people just stare! Maybe it's my pink hair! Could be?

SinZone also delivers within the realm of Church of Sins. It will make your fingers itch!! As if you were there, touching, watching, and knowing. Are you shaking? You should be! Don't forget about Pretty Tied Up! Oh my gosh! I know I didn't! It made my tummy lurch in anticipation, fear, and excitement. It's all about the erotica in us all and it won't leave you wanting, only leave you feeling wanton! Trust me!!

Come on in. Stay a while. Stay a long while! It's worth it, it's more than worth it and it's art at its finest, something you can chew on and enjoy and feel the danger about to unfold. The name says it all! Really! SinZone. It's a zone you'll never want to leave.

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