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Hello! Salutations! I'm Candice, of course! And I get to be your hand holder, your eye candy and your reviewer of the erotic pages that are just waiting for you to open them up and delve deep within. Its fun! It's the best job in the world! I'm not sure I'm getting paid for it though. I think I am! All this fun just has to be good!

Welcome! Today I get to show you around the fantastically varied world of Simply Odd Situations! I love it! It's so in your face creative that I just couldn't stop looking! This artist has it all! From black and white sketches that are eye catching and almost mysterious to the vibrant colors of a skilled hand to paper but it sure just pops out at you! It's erotic at its best and the stories the artist tells through the work! Oh my! It made me hot. I could barely breathe! The best part was the photos! Wow! Just wow! I mean, the woman in there? Breathtaking and very erotically scintillating! But wait! There's more! Comics with a dangerous twist of sensuality lay waiting for you to read and feel your heartbeat race! You won't want to miss a thing! I know I didn't. Come on in! I'll hold your hand! And you can hold anything you want!

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