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Hey! It's Candice! What do you mean you already knew that? Could it be that my official status as ‘the' number one hostess with the pinkest hair is so well known? Of course! That's it! I'm almost blushing! Umm. Is that you touching my cheek? My other cheek! Well, okay! Just for a little while as we talk about the newest member in our family of creative, sensual, alluring, fantastical erotic artists on the entire Interweb? What do you mean Interweb isn't a word! It is too! I googled it! And you'll want to browse through this exotic art work of Succubus Art. Trust me, you'll never want to leave.

Did you say, femme fatal? No? How about so succulent you can practically feel the soft skin and curves under the lightest touch of your fingers? I knew you did! That's just what I said when I strolled around Succubus Art! It's a plethora of unimaginable genius in sensual motion. All tied up? Nowhere to go? That's what these ladies are screaming! The illusion of reality is awe striking! This artist really captures the moment, the breath and the imagination. I kept going through one plunge of delight after another from bondage to scintillating dangerous! It's got it all so don't miss a thing! It's a recommendation from one that just knows what titillates your senses!

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