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Hi, Iím Candice! Youíre reviewer to the entertainment of the sensual world you are about to step into! Oh! But thatís not completely true! Iím part of the Entertainment right? Of course I am! And today Iím going to show you a world of comic sensuality, the tummy clenching type! This artist brings to you a world of binding and thrill chasing and catching! I mean, if they donít get caught whereís the fun in chasing? Exactly!

Within the walls of the artist mind, they give you this plethora of daring and excitement! Why just look through the Planet of Terror! I mean, itís got to be terrifying right? Just look at how the artist captures the moment! Or is that, the man capturing his woman? Shhh! Not so loud! They might see us! All of it just reaches out to grab the sense of danger, climatic and so very sexual. I canít look! But you must, you must!

And we simply canít forget the thrilling story of Sexnomicon! Oh my gosh! Just saying it makes me shiver. Welcome to the unfolding story of the woman that was too curious for her own good and definitely got more than she ever bargained for in this erotic titillating tale of exciting mystery and the challenge? Maybe! But youíll never know until you delve inside with me and get to leaf through all the wonders, splendors and the absolute enticing story laid within the artists eye. A gift from them to you! Quick! Open it!

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