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Hello! Hi! I'm here! I bet that excited you, right? Right! Today I'm going to review The Great Gonzo's Taboo Comics! And wow! Taboo, yeah! But it just makes my skin tingle with that rare excitement. Quiver with this wanton overflow of... stuff! I'm just so full of words! Oh I knew you loved me, but let's have a peek into Gonzo's world and I just know you are going to love him.

Get a little closer ok? Because in here, well the comics are just splashy and eye-catching allure that snatches at your senses and really, I have a hard time looking away. Like, over there! See that beauty on the ground with all those tentacle-like things just crawling all over her, and you can just see the expression on her face. Oh the story she tells! Can you imagine just what those things are doing to her? What? Oh I'm sorry, was I clinging a bit to tight? I just couldn't help myself! Shall we move on? OK! Let's go over... oh oh lets go over there! Can we? Please? Oh I knew you would want to just brave the forwardness! Hey! Wait a second! Thats not forward! That's my... Oh well... Ahem!

Anyway! Before I was interrupted! Gonzo delivers a menagerie of Comics set into the erotic dangers, tribulation and the sensual slide of bodies. The artistry is so well done that every expression tells it's own story, so stay a while! Enjoy! Dont miss anything!

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