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"Hi, I'm so glad you decided to join me here. This talented artist has some of startling artwork that's sure to impress you. It's a dangerous site for cute girls like me. Do you want to peek inside? I'll take a little look but you have to come with me. Hold on tight to me… oh… I suppose you can hold on there… Your hands do feel nice… Here we go…

This site is filled with hand drawn art in black and white and in color. There are lots of stories to enjoy in this large site. In the Main Gallery, there are plenty of beautiful young women in situations that are filled with danger. In this artist's world cute girls like me are served as the dinner of a variety of men and monsters. The detail and clarity of the pictures will amaze you. In the next large gallery you'll find series stories. Hunter, Hunted tells quite an adventure of a pretty young woman. She's an innocent village girl waiting for her sweetheart to come back from war. A warrior woman who decides the girl is perfect slave bait. After an easy capture, the woman decides to strip the girl of her clothing and drags the young woman away from her village. The swordlady explains that she plans to sell the pretty girl as a slave. As they are walking through the forest the warrior woman and girl are taken by a surprise attack of an ogre. During the brief fight, the woman on the horse is thrown from her mount and strikes her head on a stone knocking her out. The first to end up as the ogre's dinner is the warrior woman. What happens to the young woman? Perhaps she's eaten or maybe she's rescued. The only way you're going to know is to see the story for yourself. The ending may surprise you.

There's so much to see in this scary site. There are other stories to be read and comic strips sure to intrigue you. This story is but one of several you have to see for yourself to believe. You're sure to find the work this artist has to offer fulfills some of your darkest fantasies. shivers I think it's time for me to go… Thanks for looking in with me… Ummmm… You can let me go now… blushes I hope to see you again soon… Bye for now…"

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