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Trembling Flesh

Hi! Hello! Guess who!? OH! You knew already? Was it the pink hair? My wonderful assets? That's right! I'm Candice and I have the 'pleasure' of reviewing the artists and never steering YOU our customers wrong! I'll accompany you of course! Today it's something more scintillating and dangerous. A dark lustful road of beauty. Of sense tingling erotica. Trembling Flesh! Say it again! Doesn't it just make your tongue vibrate in anticipation?

This is a more then meets the eye type of artist. It's almost a mystery and a tantalizing peek into something just a little different. Well crafted are the lovelies in this place! It will make you ask yourself, is it real? Don't be silly! Well, maybe! At least, in the mind of the fantasy that will unfold for you! I better not say too much, I don't want to spoil it for you. Take my hand and I'll guide you through, don't be shy, a little danger never hurt anyone! A little erotica is all that you could want and to have both? You'll be more then toe wiggling pleased! Promise!

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