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"There you are… Thanks for joining me here… This is a really weird site where all the sexy young women want to be eaten… Now… I'm not one of them but I'll take a peek inside if you'll keep an eye out for giant snakes… There seems to be a lot of them running around in this site with appetites for cute girls like me…

In these photo manipulations you get to watch the grinning hottie slowly being swallowed by giant snakes. These sexy women are enjoying being slowly engulfed in the huge snake's mouth. Take Summer for instance. She's a guest star on Vore Channel and it's her night to be eaten. You get to watch as she slowly takes her clothes off to reveal her ripe young body. She tells you all about her fantasy to be eaten alive. When Monty the giant snake starts to swallow her, you can watch as her body slowly disappears into the snake's huge mouth. She'll tell you how good it feels to have her body sliding into the snake. shivers Can you imagine watching a young woman being eaten alive by immense snakes? Well… Summer enjoys the sensations as she's slowly devoured. You can imagine when the show goes off the air. There are a lot of categories with different women being eaten alive to their delight. If you like watching cute girls like me being eaten by snakes and enjoying it then this is definitely the site for you. I really think I should go now before a snake comes along and swallows me… I hope you enjoyed this little peek into this artist's strange world… I'll see you again… If I don't get eaten…"

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