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"Oh… You've joined me here… I'm so very glad to see you… This is a site where cute girls like me are eaten by some of the scariest monsters and giant snakes you've ever seen… Do you really want to look inside? Well… I'll do it if you'll come with me… Just take a tight hold on me… You know… Your hand does feel good there… Here we go… In the world of 3D art vore, this artist has a flair for making a sexy young woman the meal of some creative creatures. This is a huge site filled with picture stories of young women being eaten by plant and monster alike.

In Elf vs. Tiger, a sweet little elven maiden finds herself facing a tiger with only a dagger in her hand. She puts up a good fight that you can watch from one rendering to the next but in the end her fate is sealed. There's a blob monster loose in this artist's world that has a taste for defenseless women. You can see her terror as she's slowly drawn into the blob monster. Each picture shows you her terrified face as her body is engulfed in the monstrous slime. shivers There are a lot of creatures being fed and their main course is the sexy lady next door.

The 'little room of horror' has a monster that's very hungry and a man who is willing to feed it. Unconscious, the girl in his arms has no idea her life is in peril. The beast opens its huge mouth waiting for the tasty young woman to be put in his mouth. The man doesn't hesitate to put her into his creature's hungry mouth. You can watch as she's eaten. Shivers and looks around… There are lots of picture stories to choose from. Do you want to watch sexy young women being devoured by horrid beats? Then this is the site for you… I think its time for me to go… I'll see you again… If I don't get eaten by some horrible monster… Bye for now…"

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