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"Oh… Hi… It's nice to see you here… I'll take a little look inside this erotic site and tell you what I see… Warrior woman, Amaxena was a powerful pirate, gladiator, and hero to the weak in the face of brutal merchants treating the people like property. This sexy lady was beloved of the people till she was captured by the powerful merchants then her torment truly began. The hottie finds herself turned into the lowest of slaves. This once valiant defender of the people was used as a beast of burden through the day. At night she was tortured by guards and nobles alike. This is so scary… I wonder what those men would do to a girl like me… Please protect me while I look… Even her once friend, a minstrel named Chatterella, turned against her. Amaxena found herself chained to a wooden box to be filled with stones from the stone quarry. This she was forced to drag over uneven ground with sharp rocks that would cut her bare feet. A basket was hung from rings in her nipples and filled with rock that stretched her nipples putting her in great pain. At night the former warrior was tortured by guards. Nightly, the nobles would come down to abuse Amaxena. Even the noblewomen would get in on the fun. When a large fake male member was found, the noblewomen would take delight in using it on the fallen hero as violently as any of the noblemen. Chatterella was encouraged to demean her former friend to the delight of those watching. Even through this pain, Amaxena had a plan to escape and get her revenge on these brutal merchants. Will she escape before she is truly broken? I think that is something you just have to read in this dramatic illustrated story.

This large site has several other stories and erotic art galleries. In startling black and white, these pictures have commentary from the artist making an even greater impression. This site is dedicated to the torture of women in dramatic hand drawn art… It's time for me to go… Thanks for protecting me… I hope I'll see you again soon… Bye for now…"

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